Torrance Advantage Awards

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Recognizing Economic Achievements

The City of Torrance Office of Economic Development hosts the annual Torrance Advantage Awards. Award recipients are recognized in four categories for their economic development strategies of local significance for the year. In addition to a prestigious trophy, recipients receive $200 to help with operating expenses, a signed letter of recognition from the Mayor of Torrance, and certificates of commendation from regional elected officials.

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The four categories include:

People to People

The "People to People Award" category will honor an organization's excellence in enhancing employment opportunities in Torrance. Additionally, it will honor an organization's commitment to its current employees and investments in their talented and skilled workforce. Factors to be considered may include:

  • Types of jobs created
  • Number of jobs created
  • New and existing programs for employee motivation and career advancement

Enriching the Community

The "Enriching the Community Award" category will recognize businesses for their excellence in contributing to the prosperity of Torrance through increase in revenue and tax base. Factors to be considered may include:

  • Percent of sales growth
  • Type of jobs created for Torrance residents
  • Amount/ Gross Sales
  • Staying Power

Quality of Life Community Investor

The "Quality of Life Community Investor Award" category will honor businesses whose products, systems, methods and services contribute significantly to the improvement of the quality of life of the Torrance community. Moreover, the Award will recognize businesses that take the extra step and serve the community. Businesses who contribute to the greening of the community may also be recognized separately for their efforts in this area. Factors to be considered may include:

  • Participation at local events
  • Support of local programs/events/activities
  • Activities, products and services that enhance the community's life

Long-Term Investor

The "Long-Term Investor Award" category will honor businesses who have demonstrated excellence throughout the years with sustained success. The City will honor businesses who exhibit long-term success and commitment to investing in the economic development of the community through partnerships, innovative strategies and continuous effort toward progress. Factors to be considered may include:

  • History of company's locating and operating in the city of Torrance 
  • Innovative practices and strategies that promote environmental and economic stability
  • Examples of long-term investments in the community

Other Awards Presented at the Torrance Advantage Awards Ceremony:

In addition to the aforementioned categories, the City of Torrance Economic Development Office may also present Special Awards recognizing businesses or individuals for specific efforts or show of excellence and leadership. These Special Awards will be recognized during the Torrance Advantage Awards Ceremony and may vary each year.