New Business Guide

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    Starting a Business in Torrance

    STEP 1:

    • Contact City Hall and make sure the zoning is correct for your new business address. 
    • Every business must meet zoning requirements to insure that its business category and site are compatible. Before signing any leases or moving in, check with the Community Development Department to verify this information.

    STEP 2:

    • File a fictitious name statement* and file your "doing business as" name in a local newspaper.
    • To file a fictitious name statement, you must contact the local newspaper. The paper will file your DBA statement and publish your new business name.

    Prior to filing a fictitious name statement, you should call the Los Angeles County Clerk's Office and determine if your business name is already in use.

    STEP 3 :

    • Contact the State of California to file State Tax forms and obtain labor standards for employees.
    • Obtain a State Board of Equalization resale permit, if required.

    STEP 4 :

    Provide the City with following information for a business license:

    • Fictitious Name
    • State resale permit number
    • County/State Ppermits
    • Business name, /address and phone /number
    • Description of business
    • Social Security/Federal I.D. Number
    • Number of employees

    Depending on the type of business you plan to conduct you may be required to have:

    • Health permits
    • Zoning inspection
    • Fire inspection
    • Contractor's license
    • Building permits
    • Alcohol beverage permits

    Please be aware, new safeguards have been put in place that may affect our normal permitting process. Please visit the COVID-19 Business Resources page

    Business licenses for certain types of businesses (noted in section 31.7.3 of the Torrance Municipal Code) will be subject to approval of the License Review Board.